Wed. 27 May, 2020

Notice : Exhibitions Rescheduled


We will extend the exhibition period of the temporary & collection exhibitions as follows.

The Potentiality of Drawing
March 14 (Sat) June 2 (Tue)ー June 14 (Sun) June 21 (Sun)

MOT Collection: Present Day and in Times Past― Multiple Perspectives
March 14 (Sat) June 2 (Tue)ー June 14 (Sun) September 27 (Sun)

Olafur Eliasson: Sometimes the river is the bridge
Things Entangling, a Collaboration between MOT and KADIST
March 14 (Sat) June 9 (Tue)ー June 14 (Sun) September 27 (Sun)

*MOT Passport 2019 will be available until June 30.
*MOT Passport 2020 will be available from July 1.
*Invitation tickets and invitations will be valid for the rescheduled dates.

Services that are suspended until further notice:
• Rental of conference rooms, halls, and other facilities
• Extended opening hours on certain days of the week
• Workshops organized and hosted by the museum
• Discounts such as Silver Day and Family Day that attract crowds
• Group visits

Upcoming exhibitions will be rescheduled as follows.
Cherish, your imagenation
July 11 (Sat) July 18 (Sat)ー October 18 (Sun) September 27 (Sun)

Eiko Ishioka
July 11 (Sat) November 14 (Sat)ー October 18 (Sun) February 14 (Sun), 2021

MOT Annual 2020
MOT Collection
November 14 (Sat)ー Februrary 21 (Sun) February 14 (Sun), 2021

*Exhibition ”Takamasa Yosizaka” will be postponed. Atrium Project will be cancelled.