Opening Times & Admission

Opening Times

(Tickets available until 30 minutes before closing.)
※Late-night Openings in May:13 (Sat), 14 (Sun), 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 27 (Sat), 28 (Sun)

Closed Days

Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, closed on the next weekday), New Year Holidays, and during maintenance and exhibit replacement.

Photo: Kenta Hasegawa

Admission Fee

Waiting for the Wind
Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2021-2023 Exhibition

Exhibition Period: Sat. 18 Mar - Sun. 18 Jun, 2023
Free Admission

MOT Collection

Special exhibition ticket includes admission to the MOT Collection.

MOT Collection: Membrane of the Time / Breathing

Exhibition Period: Sat. 18 Mar - Sun. 18 Jun, 2023
Adults 500yen (400yen)
University & College Students 400yen (320yen)
High School Students, Over 65 250yen (200yen)
Junior High School Students & Younger Free

*(  ) Price for a group over 20 people.
* Children younger than elementary school age need to be accompanied by a guardian.
* Persons with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Welfare Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor Welfare Certificate as well as up to two attendants are admitted free of charge.

Access Information