Fri. 01 Jul, 2022

Notice to Visitors: Regarding tickets for exhibitions


The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo has introduced reserved priority tickets (date and time-specific ticket and date-specific tickets) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We recommend that you purchase reserved priority tickets in advance.

Those who would not like to purchase ticket on online, which is including visitors who hold tickets with applied discounts can also buy tickets at the museum ticket counter on the same day, and you can view exhibitions without a reservation.
Holders of invitation ticket, MOT passport, physical disability certificate, and so on, please go directly to the exhibition entrance.

Special Exhibition
Sat. 16 July – Sun. 16 October 2022

Jean Prouvé: Constructive Imagination  (date-specific ticket, from 5 Oct onwards, date and time-specific ticket.)
MOT Annual 2022 My justice might be someone else’s pain  (date-specific ticket)
・Visitors who have reserved priority tickets can go entrance directly.

Please purchase reserved priority tickets here.

MOT Collection

Sat. 16 July – Sun. 16 October 2022
MOT Collection: Rewinding the Collection 2nd
・Tickets for the ”Jean Prouvé: Constructive Imagination”, "MOT Annual 2022 My justice might be someone else’s pain" and the Combined Tickets also include admission to the “MOT Collection”.

Those who want to enjoy only MOT Collection, Please purchase ticket for MOT Collection at the ticket counter on the day.

Reservations are not needed upon your visit to the café, restaurant and museum shop.

Depending on the future situation, ticket reservations may change, including the following items. Please check the museum website before visiting the museum.

Visitor Guidelines