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Rewinding the Collection 2nd


The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo houses approximately 5,500 artworks in its extensive collection, which spans the modern and contemporary periods with a focus on art of the postwar years. Each installment of the “MOT Collection” exhibition introduces artworks in the collection from various themes and angles in its effort to convey the diverse appeal of contemporary art. This is the sequel to the exhibition, “MOT Collection: Rewinding the Collection” (held 2020-2021), which presented a variety of works in chronological order while unraveling the history of the collection including works that were transferred from the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum upon the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 1995.

On this occasion, we rewind to the 1960s when artists of the anti-art movement such as KUDO Tetsumi had come together to present work in the "Yomiuri Independent Exhibition,” and from there introduce various episodes regarding the exhibit of specific works and the history of the museum in an attempt to trace the various events leading up to the time in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum actively began developing its collection and organizing special exhibitions in tow with the completion of its new building in 1975. Furthermore, we present a selection of acquisitions from the 1980s to 1990s, and particularly in the third floor section, shed light on works collected in relation to various artists such as Richard LONG, ISHIUCHI Miyako, and ENDO Toshikatsu while focusing on a number of special exhibitions held at the two museums.

Through rewinding the collection, we invite viewers to enjoy a diverse array of works from both Japan and overseas spanning a wide range of eras, and would also like to make this an opportunity to think about the future of the “MOT Collection.”

*Please be informed that the contents of the exhibit may be subject to change.

List of Works

  • TABE Mitsuko, Placard, 1961

  • KIKUHATA Mokuma, Slave Genealogy (coin), 1961/1983
    Photo: Keizo Kioku

  • NAKANISHI Natsuyuki, Clothespins Assert Churning Action, 1963/1981
    Photo: Keizo Kioku © NATSUYUKI NAKANISHI

  • NAKAMURA Hiroshi, Circular Train A (Telescope Train), 1968

  • LEE Ufan, From Point, 1974

  • SUGA Kishio, Partition of Realm, 1982
    Photo: Keizo Kioku

  • ENDO Toshikatsu, Fountain, 1991
    Photo: Shizune Shiigi

  • ISHIUCHI Miyako, #17 from "1906 to the skin", 1991-93


ASAKURA Setsu, ASO Saburo, ANZAI Shigeo, ISHIUCHI Miyako, UMEHARA Ryuzaburo, ENDO Toshikatsu, OGURA Yuki, OCHI Osamu, KASAHARA Emiko, KATSURA Yuki, KAWARA On, KIKUHATA Mokuma, KUSAMA Yayoi, KUDO Tetsumi, KENMOCHI Kazuo, KOJIMA Nobuaki, SAITO Yoshishige, SHINOHARA Ushio, SUGA Kishio, SUGAI Kumi, SUZUKI Kenji, TAKAMATSU Jiro, TADA Minami, TANAKA Atsuko, TABE Mitsuko, NAKANISHI Natsuyuki, NAKAMURA Hiroshi, FUKUSHIMA Hideko, HIKOSAKA Naoyoshi, HIRATA Minoru, FUKUOKA Michio, MIKI Tomio, YAMAGUCHI Katsuhiro, YOKOO Tadanori, LEE Ufan, CTG (Computer Technique Group), Roy LICHTENSTEIN, Richard LONG, David NASH, Dennis OPPENHEIM, Andy WARHOL and more


Exhibition Period

Saturday, 16 July – Sunday, 16 October 2022


Mondays (except 18 Jul., 19 Sep., 10 Oct.), 19 Jul., 20 Sep., 11 Oct.

Opening Hours

10:00-18:00 (Tickets available until 30 minutes before closing.)


Adults - 500 yen / University & College Students - 400 yen / High School Students & Adult over 65 - 250 yen / Free for under Junior High School Student & Temporary Exhibition tickets holders

* Tickets for the"Jean Prouvé: Constructive Imagination", "MOT Annual 2022 My justice might be someone else’s pain" and the Combined Tickets also include admission to the “MOT Collection” exhibition.
* Children younger than elementary school age need to be accompanied by a guardian.
* Persons with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Welfare Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor Welfare Certificate as well as up to two attendants are admitted free of charge.
* Admission to MOT Collection is free on Tokyo Citizen's Day, Sat. 1 Oct., 2022.


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Collection Gallery

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

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