Mon. 17 May, 2021

rhizomatiks_multiplex Online


There is an online venue for the exhibition "Rhizomatiks_Multiplex" (temporarily closed until May 31).
We hope you enjoy our online exhibition, throughout this unique online viewing experience. You can freely move around the exhibition room while viewing works that reflect the data from the real exhibition.

Click here for the online exhibition.
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In the "rhizomatiks_multiplex" online venue, you can see the RTK Laser Robotics that continues to move dutifully in the Sunken Garden. Please take a look every day!
※The robotiks is resting and not moving while it is being charged by the solar panel. Please wait for a while until it starts moving again.

RTK Laser Robotics Experiment, 2021
RTK-GNSS (Real Time Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite System, a technology that can achieve positioning of the objects with high accuracy of a few centimeters by using information from positioning satellites as well as the location data sent from "reference stations" which is set up on a ground. The object will continue to run autonomously in the courtyard, powered by PV panels during the day. At night, the object will point out the location of the GPS satellites by emitting laser beams to visualize what cannot be seen with the naked eyes but surely exists. At the screen, it is displaying irradiation of the laser beam as well as the position of the object itself and the locations of the satellites.

rhizomatiks_multiplex exhibition

  • RTK Laser Robotics Experiment, 2021