Thu. 04 Feb, 2021

About the congestion situation of the exhibition ”Eiko Ishioka”


In order to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19, reserved priority tickets are available for the exhibition “Eiko Ishioka: Blood, Sweat, and Tears—A Life of Design”. For each designated date/time slot, we limit the number of visitors.

Tickets are also available at the museum ticket counter without reservations. Kindly note, however, that there may be a wait in case of congestion, the last day (14 February, Sun) approaching. Depending on circumstances, the entry into the exhibition rooms will be restricted.

• Visitors with a reserved priority ticket can directly go to the entrance of the exhibition room. Please enter at each reserved time.
• Kindly note that there may be a wait in case of congestion in buying tickets or/and entering the exhibition room for visitors without a reserved priority ticket. For visitors with an invitation ticket, an invitation letter or the MOT passport etc, please queue for the ticket counter.

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