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Membrane of the Time
Special feature | YOKOO Tadanori―Ever-Changing, Like Water
100th Anniversary of Birth | Sam FRANCIS

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo houses approximately 5,700 artworks in its extensive collection, which spans the modern and contemporary periods with a focus on art of the postwar years. Each installment of the “MOT Collection” exhibition introduces artworks in the collection from various themes and angles in its effort to convey the diverse appeal of contemporary art.
On the 1st floor, works from the end of the 1980s onward will be presented under the title, “Membrane of the Time”. Starting with recently acquired works by MIKAMI Seiko, we introduce a diverse selection of works including those by ISHIHARA Tomoaki, HIRAKAWA Noritoshi, HOMMA Takashi, KAIHATSU Yoshiaki, KATO Mika, NAWA Kohei, MOMOSE Aya, HAN Ishu, Thomas DEMAND, FANG Lijun in an attempt to look at the changing concepts of the body and outlook on life that is observed there.
The 3rd floor section titled, “Special feature: YOKOO Tadanori―Ever-Changing, Like Water” introduces works centering on those added to the museum’s collection on the occasion of the artist’s solo exhibition held in 2021. Featuring Yokoo’s oeuvre spanning from the 1960s to recent, the exhibit explores new appeals of his artistic practice through focusing on expressions related to “water” that appears in many of his rich variety of works. In addition, works by artists with a deep connection to Yokoo will be presented.
Visitors are also invited to enjoy a series of large-scale paintings by Sam FRANCIS, of which this year marks his centennial.

*Please be informed that the contents of the exhibit may be subject to change.

List of Works
Special feature | YOKOO Tadanori―Ever-Changing, Like Water - Work Captions

"o to da te" and "no zo mi" (PDF)


ISHIHARA Tomoaki, IBA Yasuko, UMEZAWA Kazuki, OZAWA Tsuyoshi, KAIHATSU Yoshiaki, KATO Mika, KANEUJI Teppei, CHIBA Masaya, NAWA Kohei, HAN Ishu, HIRAKAWA Noritoshi, FANG Lijun, FUKUDA Miran, HOMMA Takashi, MIKAMI Seiko, MURASE Kyoko, MOMOSE Aya, YOKOO Tadanori, Thomas DEMAND, Sam FRANCIS, David HOCKNEY, Jasper JOHNS, Andy WARHOL Tom WESSELMANN and more

Membrane of the Time

  • MIKAMI Seiko, [Suitcase (Yellow)] / World Membrane: Disposal Containers – Suitcases , 1992-93
    MOT Collection, installation view Photo: Masaru Yanagiba

  • ISHIHARA Tomoaki, Engagement, 1988 Photo: Norihiro Ueno

  • HOMMA Takashi, TOKYO SUBURBIA: Urayasu Marina East 21, Chiba, 1995-1998

  • KATO Mika, Canary, 1999

  • NAWA Kohei, PixCell-Deer #17, 2009 Photo: Nobutada OMOTE | Sandwich

  • KANEUJI Teppei, White Discharge (Built-up objects) #4, 2009 Photo: Eiji Ina

  • CHIBA Masaya, Turtle’s Life #3, 2013

  • HAN Ishu, Place to Return, 2010

  • MOMOSE Aya, I.C.A.N.S.E.E.Y.O.U, 2019

Special feature | YOKOO Tadanori―Ever-Changing, Like Water

  • YOKOO Tadanori, The Mysterious Benefit, 2021

  • YOKOO Tadanori, A Dark Night's Flashing: From the Red Darkness, 2001

  • YOKOO Tadanori, Shin Hong Kong Night, 2021/2022

100th Anniversary of Birth | Sam FRANCIS

Sam FRANCIS, (from left) Untitled(SFP85-110), Untitled(SFP85-95), Untitled(SFP85-109), 1985, Deposited (Collection of Asahi Group Japan, Ltd.) MOT Collection, installation view Photo: Masaru Yanagiba

  • 2023 marks the centennial of Sam Francis (June 25, 1923 – November 4, 1994). Sam Francis Foundation celebrates the 100th anniversary of Francis’s birthday and his continued creative legacy through exhibitions, educational events, special projects, articles, and archival explorations. Inviting scholars, colleagues, artists, institutions, and historians, this commemorable year will explore their relationship with Francis, his art, his creative legacy, and his inspiration.


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Saturday, 15 July - Sunday, 5 November 2023


Mondays (except 17 Jul., 18 Sep., 9 Oct.) and 18 Jul., 19 Sep., 10 Oct.

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10:00-18:00 (Tickets available until 30 minutes before closing.)


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* Tickets for the "DAVID HOCKNEY","How I feel is not your problem, period."include admission to the “MOT Collection” exhibition.
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* Persons with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Welfare Certificate, or Atomic Bomb Survivor Welfare Certificate as well as up to two attendants are admitted free of charge.
* Admission to MOT Collection is free on Tokyo Citizen's Day, Sun. 1 Oct., 2023.


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