MOT Collection

MOT Collection
Part 1: Postwar Art‐In Close-Up
Part 2: 4 Rooms with Francis Alÿs, Don't Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River
Atrium Project; OTOMO Yoshihide+AOYAMA Yasutomo+ITO Takayuki, without records - mot ver. 2015

Each term, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) selects about 100 artworks from its some 4,800-piece collection for display in its permanent exhibition, the "MOT Collection." In this way, MOT seeks to offer a wide range of perspectives on postwar and contemporary art.

Part 1, "Postwar Art in Close-up," the MOT Collection looked at postwar Japanese art with a primary focus on representative works by six artists in the museum's collection. The works were presented in the context of the social environment and art trends of the 1950s and '60s, when they were produced, and examined as works indispensable to discussion of postwar Japanese art. This time, by positioning artworks in the context of the individual artist's artistic journey, the MOT Collection transcends the times to examine each work's true power and seek new interpretations.

Part 2 takes a newly collected work, Don't Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River by Francis Alÿs, as its centerpiece. In four rooms, each themed according to a constituent element of the Alÿs work--"History and Borders," "Horizon," and "Play"--the exhibition places artworks in close dialogue with one another so as to draw out each work's distinctive qualities.

In the Atrium features a new sound installation, without records--mot ver.2015, created for this museum by OTOMO Yoshihide, AOYAMA Yasutomo, and ITO Takayhuki. We invite you to enjoy an immersion in the richly distinctive "sound" produced by 92 old portable record players.


Part1:IKEDA Tatsuo, KATSURA Yuki, KIKUHATA Mokuma, KUDO Tetsumi, NAKAMURA Hiroshi, NAKANISHI Natsuyuki

Part2: Francis Alÿs, Christian Boltanski, Rebecca Horn, KAWARA On, SHIOMI Mieko, TAKAYANAGI Eri, TOYOSHIMA Yasuko, etc.

Atrium Project:OTOMO Yoshihide+AOYAMA Yasutomo+ITO Takayuki


池田龍雄_10000カウント.jpg(リサイズ).jpg フランシス・アリス(リサイズ).jpgWithout Records.jpg(リサイズ).jpg

From left to right, top to bottom :
NAKAMURA Hiroshi, Metropolis in Revolution, 1959
IKEDA Tatsuo, Count 10000, 1954
Francis Alÿs, Don't Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River, 2008 Photo:Jorge Golem

OTOMO Yoshihide+AOYAMA Yasutomo+ITO Takayuki, without records - mot ver.2015, Conceptional Drawing of the Artwork, 2014 ©2014 AOYAMA Yasutomo
NAKANISHI Natsuyuki, Softly Reductive , 1996

Please download List of Works from below LINK.

List of Works.Part1
List of Works.Part2, Atrium Project

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Nov 7(Sat), 2015 - Feb 14(Sun), 2016


Mondays (except for Nov. 23, Jan.11), Nov.24, Dec 28- Jan 1, Jan.12


*Last admission to the gallery floor & last ticket purchase is 30minutes before the closing time.


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
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From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station on the Hanzomon Line: 9min. walk from the B2 exit.
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