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To become a narrative


"MOT Satellite" is an endeavor to take the activities of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) outside-into surrounding neighborhoods-while its building is closed for renovation. By holding artist exhibits and projects at local shops and historical sites, "MOT Satellite" is rediscovering the richness and charm of its district.
Kiyosumi-shirakawa-a district crossing old and new cultures. Rich in traditional atmosphere and waterside scenery is left since Edo period, Kiyosumi-shirakawa is currently becoming a lively district of cafes and art galleries. In these environs, MOT has actively presented Japanese and international contemporary art since its founding in 1995.
This time, we are holding our third Satellite, "MOT Satellite 2018 Fall." Its theme-"To become a narrative." To build momentum towards MOT's Grand Reopening in late March 2019, we will seek even deeper relationship with the district and its people. Artists and researchers active in diverse fields are directly involving themselves in Kiyosumi-shirakawa and surrounding areas, with result that dialogue has been born and, out of that dialogue, artworks and related programs have been created. Through their artworks and projects, the district's memory is reawakening in the form of "narrative," and a vital portrait of the district is emerging. We invite you to stroll about, enjoy contact with artworks, and see the displays.
The main exhibits will be installed in 7 "MOT Spaces" established in district hubs and former factory sites. As you explore the streets, please also visit our small-scale "MOT Spots" exhibits set inside coffee roasteries and cafes and on shopping streets. Then, be sure not to miss the colorful activities of our "Local Partner" galleries and museums in the district.


Artists / Project

Yeondoo Jung / Aiko Miyanaga / Nozomi Suzuki / Chika Higashi / Hiroshi Shimura /
Dennis Oppenheim from collection of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo [MOT] /  
Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo × DNP AR Project /
Kiyosumi-shirakawa project, Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts /
The group of optical illusion block workshop / Noramoji Project /
Heartbeat Picnic | J-style wellbeing project (※1) / Tetsuwari Albatrossket (※2)
※1 Talk&Workshop ※2 Theater Performances

"MOT Satellite 2018 FALL" Highlights

Artworks Born from Exchange between Artists and District, and Artists and People

New film works by Yeondoo Jung, created through exchange with Kiyosumi-shirakawa area residents, will be presented along with new installations by Aiko Miyanaga, who visualizes the effects of time in a place, and Nozomi Suzuki, who uses photography to evoke the memory reposing in objects.

Artworks That Meld with the Town's Scenery

Chika Higashi works will fuse with a building and meld with the local townscape. Also appearing--Hiroshi Shimura works that inject incongruity into accustomed scenery.

A Collected Work, Displayed in a part of the Town Spaces

This time, an artwork in the MOT Collection normally only viewable at the museum will be displayed in a town space. A new viewing experience in an everyday context.

Tour Kiyosumi-shirakawa-through Participatory Displays

Artists and researchers at educational bodies will examine Kiyosumi-shirakawa and surrounding area from diverse angles in technology-supported projects, including participatory displays. As an "art museum closely responsive to its district," MOT will create opportunities for exploring overlooked neighborhoods in Kiyosumi-shirakawa by holding exhibits and workshops in joint with universities, ahead of its grand reopening.

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Government|Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) logo_ARTSC.jpg

Supported by

Koto City, Korean Cultural Center Korean Embassy in Japan

With the special cooperation of

Fukagawa Shiryokan Avenue Shopping Street Cooperative Society, Public Collaboration Center・Art Media Center・ Graduate School of Global Arts・Furukawa Lab., Tokyo University of the Arts, Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo

Sponsored by

Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd.

In cooperation with

Dell Japan Inc., The group of optical illusion block workshop, General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association, Graduate School of Regional Policy Design.,Hosei University, Koto city cultural tourism guide secretariat, Fukagawa Library, Fukagawa Edo Museum, Motokaga Elementary School, Motokaga Elementary School Japanese Drum Club, Asahi photo studio, Shirakawa 2-chome Town Council, Basho Museum, GRANTCHESTER HOUSE, Ryutokuzan Kougenkyouji Unkouin, SASAKI Co.,Ltd., THE FLEMING HOUSE, ARiSE COFFEE ENTANGLE, SATKAR, TEAPOND, Namekawa Joinery Firm, Zentokuji, Machifunemiraijuku, Kyodaisha,Ltd.

Sanctioned Event of the 21th Japan Media Arts Festival

Local Partners

Little Tokyo, MUJIN-TO Production, Satoko Oe Contemporary, HARMAS GALLERY, EARTH+GALLERY,
ANDO GALLERY, Babaghuri, WILD SILK MUSEUM, Fukagawa Edo Museum, GLASS-LAB, rikashitsu
(Science Room), Basho Museum, Dobutsu shogi cafe Ippuku, POTPURRI, gift_lab GARAGE,
TAP Gallery, L&HARMONY Kiyosumi-shirakawa, Coci la elle, "Onagigawa Monogatari" Film Committee,
Tokyo Bay Art Scenes, FUKAGAWA HITOTONARI, Kiyosumi-shirakawa Guide (SIRABERU)

Yeondoo Jung <MOT Space C>

Born in Jinju, Korea in 1969. By creating a fantasy in which "real" and "virtual" interplay, through photo and video, Yeondoo Jung casts light on the dreams people embrace and the small events in their lives. His numerous exhibitions include "Korean Pavilion, Venice Biennale" (2005, Venice, Italy), "Memories of You - Artist of the Year 2007" (2007, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea), "Just Like the Road across the Earth" (2014, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Japan).

Exhibit: Yeondoo Jung creates artworks through communication with people. For this exhibition, he has created a film work from his interchange with Kiyosumi-shirakawa area residents. Connecting the diverse memories of people of all generations, he weaves in local culture fostered here since the Edo period to animate a plotless narrative.

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 ヂョン・ヨンドゥ《古典と新作》2018  写真:白井晴幸

Aiko Miyanaga <MOT Space F>

Born in Kyoto in 1974. Aiko Miyanaga has won attention with works that give visual form to time by revealing the traces of its passing. Her works are characterized by naphthalene forms modeled on everyday objects and installations created using salt. She was awarded first "Nissan Art Award" Grand Prize." Her major solo exhibitions include "Nakasora - The Reason for Eternity" (2012, National Museum of Art, Osaka) and "between waxing and waning," (2017, Ohara Museum of Art - yurinso).

Exhibit: In a former bookbinding factory, Miyanaga will create an installation of sculptures modeled on motifs symbolizing traces of the location' s past. On receiving visual form, the past time in that place and day-by-day accumulation of memories there will begin marking time anew as an artwork.

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 宮永愛子《Strata(清澄白河)》2018  写真:白井晴幸

Nozomi Suzuki <MOT Space D, G / MOT Spot b, c, e>

Born in Saitama prefecture in 1983. After majoring in painting at Tokyo Zokei University, Nozomi Suzuki studied photography independently. She is currently pursuing her doctorate at Tokyo University of the Arts. Her recent exhibitions include "Photographs of Innocence and of Experience: Contemporary Japanese Photography vol. 14" (2017, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum) and "NEW VISION SAITAMA 5 The Emerging Body" (2016, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama). She received the VOCA Encouragement Prize at THE VISION OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2016 and is doing research overseas in England for the Pola Art Foundation in 2018.

Exhibit: In neighborhoods around the art museum, she has photographed the traces of recorded memory reposing in objects, as well as fragments of town scenery, for printing onto window glass and other existent features of the locality. Capturing everyday scenes and drawing them into abstraction in a photograph, she employs the material and chemical reactions of silver-halide photography to give visual form, as vestiges of light, to the memory reposing in those objects.

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 鈴木のぞみ《The Light of Other Days : 白河二丁目町会会館》2018  写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 鈴木のぞみ《The Light of Other Days : 白河二丁目町会会館》2018  写真:白井晴幸

Chika Higashi <MOT Spot a, f >

Born in Nagasaki prefecture in 1981. After studying clothing and accessories, Chika Higashi worked as a designer's assistant. She thereafter began to paint pictures. Shifting to umbrella fabric as a support for her paintings, she studied how to make umbrellas. She currently creates umbrellas, painting pictures on them one at a time. In 2010, she opened the one-of-a-kind umbrella store, Coci la elle.

Exhibit: Higashi' s paintings, twice featured as the MOT Satellite' s main image, are closely identified with the Satellite. This time, she will go farther in displaying her work outside. Installations that meld with local townscapes and evoke their distinctive mood will express the town in bright colors.

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 ひがしちか《川の色 色の川》2018  写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 ひがしちか《川の色 色の川》2018  写真:白井晴幸

Hiroshi Shimura <MOT Space B>

Born in 1949. Raised in Tokyo' s Fukagawa, Hiroshi Shimura graduated from Tokyo University of Education(art faculty) and completed his doctorate course there (Master of Fine Arts). Relocating to England in 1975, he studied design, printing, and reproduction at Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology. He has held numerous solo exhibitions of silkscreen prints, photographic and film works while commuting between Japan and England. Since the 1990s, he has also created film works for television program production and planetariums, and provided photographs for Cambridge University's 800th anniversary commemorative book. His main solo exhibitions include "Grantchester Meadows" (2010, The Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo). In 2011, he established the art space "Grantchester House" in Kiyosumi-shirakawa.

Exhibit: Shimura' s art world, ranging from works commuting between the 1960s and today in scenes of Kiyosumi-shirakawa and England to frames of fish-eye photography, will be explored under the theme "journey through film space." The artist will create an exhibit space that evokes the fun of time travel, taking viewers back to camera obscura, a starting point for film technology, and Magic Lanterns(slide projector), which evolved and flourished in stages from the 17th century, to reaffirm their connection with today' s projection culture.

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 志村博《映像時空の旅》2018  写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 志村博《映像時空の旅》2018  写真:白井晴幸

Dennis Oppenheim from the collection of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo [MOT] <MOT Space E>

Born in 1938 in Washington State, USA. Died in 2011. Dennis Oppenheim in the late 1960s helped create the "Land Art" and "Body Art" movements as a critical development of Minimalism. He thereafter explored in artworks the use of elements rejected by modern art and opened a pathway to conceptual art.

Exhibit: A film work in the MOT Collection* leaps from the "white cube" of the museum into a town space for viewing in an everyday context, thus created a new viewing experience. Dennis Oppenheim' s video works record his own physical actions, undertaken as a performance. Thus, the process itself of performing transitory actions becomes the artwork.

*Through some 5,000 pieces, the MOT Collection covers wide-ranging art genres dating from the modern to contemporary periods, including works evidencing the developmental flow of Japanese post-war art from revolutionary pre-war trends to contemporary art practices.

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 デニス・オッペンハイムー東京都現代美術館収蔵品展示ー 写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 デニス・オッペンハイムー東京都現代美術館収蔵品展示ー 写真:白井晴幸

Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo × DNP AR Project <MOT Space A>

A research project conducted by Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab.* and DNP(Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.) concerning support for viewer activities at art museums. For this year's MOT Satellite, the Lab will present results of joint research in an exhibit of "district" theme.
* Formed of Dr. Michitaka Hirose, Dr. Tomohiro Tanikawa, and Dr. Takuji Narumi. As a laboratory of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, they are researching interface technology on an international level, starting with virtual reality technology (VR).

Exhibit: Under the title "Window to the Past, Kiyosumi-shirakawa," Yoshitomo Suzuki, owner of the Kiyosumi-shirakawa music studio "Suzuki Studio 1" and virtual reality researchers (Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab.) have linked up to present a "Window to the Past" that blends Showa-period and present-day scenic photography of Koto ward using Artificial Reality (AR). The work spotlights the 1964 Olympic torch relay and present-day townscapes.
Developed by Shigeo Yoshida(Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo), Isamu Ohashi, Toshiyuki Numata and Hiroaki Yata(The University of Tokyo)

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 東京大学 廣瀬・谷川・鳴海研究室×DNP  ARプロジェクト《清澄白河 思い出のぞき窓》2018

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 東京大学 廣瀬・谷川・鳴海研究室×DNP ARプロジェクト《清澄白河 思い出のぞき窓》2018

Kiyosumi-shirakawa project, Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Artst <MOT Space A>

As a shared facility, the Art Media Center at Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Campus provides information technology to all the university's campuses (Ueno, Toride, Yokohama, Senju, and Nara) for conferences and workshops using information media and fabrication equipment. Continuing from last year's MOT Satellite, students and faculty of many departments will this time undertake exhibits and workshops in joint with the district.

Exhibit: Registered students of "Media Art Programming I / II" will display some 15 short films produced using computer lingual processing, on the theme of "setting narrative in motion," along with computer graphics animation works by their supervising instructor, Atsushi Tadokoro.*

* Atsushi Tadokoro: Born in 1972. Creative Coder. Instructor of the Tokyo University of the Arts "Media Art Programming" course. Creates music works of sound synthesis using algorithms and performs Live Coding of sound and video on laptop computer. In recent years, has produced installation works fusing sound and film. Has exhibited at Ars Electronica and Tokyo University of the Art Chinretsukan Gallery.

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 東京藝術大学芸術情報センター 清澄白河プロジェクト 写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 東京藝術大学芸術情報センター 清澄白河プロジェクト 写真:白井晴幸

The group of optical illusion block workshop <MOT Space A>

A group* of researchers and designers of many fields who are holding workshops using the optical illusion block. The optical illusion blocks are a means of producing trompe-l'oeil-type optical illusions in conjunction with surface patterns. A 3D object, consisting of optical illusion blocks causes illusions of different strengths, which is varied by different combinations of blocks and viewing angles.
* A group formed by Tomoko Ohtani (Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts) and Kazushi Maruya (NTT Communication Science Laboratories) researching methods of enjoying the world of optical illusion.

Exhibit: Parents, children and other workshop participants will use the optical illusion block to create futuristic and nostalgic buildings on a large map of the Kiyosumi-shirakawa and MOT museum area. A variety of hands-on educational workshops will also be held during the Satellite period.

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 錯視ブロックワークショップグループ 写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 錯視ブロックワークショップグループ 写真:白井晴幸

Noramoji Project <Various location in MOT Space, MOT Spot d>

A project of rediscovering the charm of distinctive Japanese fonts seen on weathered signs in old neighborhoods, undertaken by Rintaro Shimohama, Naoki Nishimura, and Shinya Wakaoka. Under the name "Noramoji," the project takes a three-step approach: discovery analysis font creation. This time, project members will hold an exhibit and workshops on "noramoji" to celebrate the odd cuteness and human warmth of the hand-drawn characters, whose folksy charm looks at home on their weathered materials.

Exhibit: Planned are workshops and a stamp rally using the "Kiyosumi-shirakawa tulip font" collected in Kiyosumi-shirakawa during last year's MOT Satellite, which is displayed on "Noramoji T-shirts" and in a video installation.

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 のらもじ発見プロジェクト 2018 写真:白井晴幸

「MOTサテライト 2018 秋 うごきだす物語」展示風景 のらもじ発見プロジェクト 2018 写真:白井晴幸

Heartbeat Picnic / J-style wellbeing project

A project of talks and workshops held by a diverse range of members that includes globally active researchers and artists. "J-style wellbeing project" * is an endeavor to think about each individual' s "wellbeing" and happiness. "Heartbeat Picnic" is a workshop of the project using a box device, placed on a palm, that simulates the experience of touching the heartbeat and helps one feel and understand one's own and other people's "life."

Heartbeat Picnic: Junji Watanabe (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), Yui Kawaguchi (dancer, choreographer), Kyosuke Sakakura (Tokyo City University), and Hideyuki Ando (Osaka University) J-style wellbeing project: Hideyuki Ando (Osaka University), Kyosuke Sakakura (Tokyo City University), Junji Watanabe (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), Dominque Chen (Waseda University), Kazuma Aoyama (The University of Tokyo)

*This project is a part of outreach activities of "Development and Dissemination of Information Technology Guidelines for Promoting Japanese-style Wellbeing," a research and development field of JST Strategic Base Research Programs (social technology research and development) "Human and Information Ecosystem."

<Talk & Workshop> Heartbeat Picnic @ Kiyosumi-shirakawa
Date: November 17 (Sat)
Venue: Ryutokuzan Kougenkyouji Unkouin [2-17-14 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo]
Capacity: Talk: 50 people, Workshop: 25 people
*Japanese only.

Tetsuwari Albatrossket

A performance group formed in 1997 at Miyanaga Hall in Nezu, Tokyo featuring a repertoire of skits, music, and dance, presented with rapid fire delivery. The group currently enjoys a strong following among people of all ages and genders. Their performances, evocative in mood of Yose (vaudeville) and Misemono-goya (freak shows), draw audiences into a crucible of nonsense and confusion."

<Theater Performances>
Date: November 3 (Sat / national holiday ), 4(Sun)
Venue: THE FLEMING HOUSE [2-6-10 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo]
*Japanese only.

鉄割アルバトロスケット 写真:沼田 学  参考図版




October 20 (Sat) -
November 18 (Sun) 2018


・Various locations in Kiyosumi-shirakawa 
[ MOT Space A-G, MOT spot a-f ]
Open: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday from 11:00-18:00
Admission: Free


・Various locations in Kiyosumi-shirakawa 
Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station on

Hanzomon line and Oedo line
B2 Exit or A3 Exit

There are no parking spaces.
Please use public transport when
visiting MOT Satellite.

MOT Space A-G (Main Venues)

*All address below are in Koto-ku,Tokyo
[MOT Space A]
3-8-5 Miyoshi

[MOT Space B]
3-8-5 Miyoshi

[MOT Space C]
2-5-9 Shirakawa

[MOT Space D]
2-4-2 Shirakawa

[MOT Space E]
2-4-2 Shirakawa

[MOT Space F]
2-15-3 Miyoshi

[MOT Space G]
2-3-8 Shirakawa

Opening Hours for
MOT Spot (Shops and cafes in Kiyosumi-shirakawa, etc.)

*Opening hours vary according to each place.
Venues: SASAKI bldg. / Asahi photo studio / ARiSE COFFEE ENTANGLE / Fukagawa Library / SATKAR / Zentokuji


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