Thu. 24 Dec, 2020

Notice to Visitors: Our Countermeasures against COVID-19


■Notice to Visitors

The Parkside Entrance is closed for a while. Please enter the museum via the Main Entrance.

-Please refrain from visiting the facility if you have a symptom of fever higher than 37.5°C (99.5°F), cough or sore throat.
-Please refrain from visiting the museum if you have traveled within the past two weeks to countries or regions where infections are continuing to increase.
-Please wear a face mask, wash and sanitize your hands frequently. Entrance is not permitted without wearing a mask.
-We conduct temperature checks. Entrance into the facility will NOT be permitted if you have a temperature exceeding 37.5°C (99.5°F).
-Please keep a distance of 2 meters with other visitors inside the museum.
-Please refrain from talking in the exhibition rooms
-Please do not touch exhibited objects, furniture and devices that are not being used.
-We introduce the service of contact-confirmation of COVID-19 provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.

[Our Countermeasures against Infection of COVID-19 inside the Museum]
-Staff take body temperature and check his/her health condition every day.
-Staff wear a mask.
-We install acrylic boards etc at the counters.
-We install sanitizer at the entrance.
-We thoroughly clean, sanitize and ventilate the museum
-We limit the number of visitors to keep Social Distancing.
*We will inform when the restriction of admission is carried out via our Twitter etc.
-We remind frequently of keeping Social Distancing by presenting signs.
-We thoroughly sanitize rented objects such as headphone in the exhibition room, wheelchair and buggy.
-We avoid the visitor’s touching exhibited objects (In some cases, touching the objects might be allowed. In that case, the objects will be sanitized).
-We rearrange the seats at the public space etc to keep Social Distancing.
-We ban the use of hand dryers installed at the restrooms.
-We will coordinate with the public health department in case of an infection of visitors or staff. We will inform via this website etc in accordance with the situation.
(It is recommended to record the date and time of your visit on your own)


-Discounts such as Silver day and Family day are suspended for a while.