Wed. 26 Feb, 2020

【Announcement】about COVID-19/ new coronacirus infectious diseases


Information and requests for visitors to Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo(MOT). (COVID-19 / new coronavirus infectious diseases)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo(MOT) is endeavoring to collect the latest information on new types of coronavirus infectious diseases COVID-19 from related organizations such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We are paying close attention to infection prevention, and taking the following measures.

■Efforts to prevent infectious diseases
Our staff members will wear a mask when dealing with customers.
Alcohol for disinfection is installed near the entrance.

■Request for visitor cooperation
If you have symptoms like a cold or a fever or a cough, please refrain from visiting Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
Please take your own preventative measures, such as washing your hands frequently.
Disinfecting alcohol is installed in the entrance, so please cooperate with disinfection. When coughing or sneezing, please observe the “cough etiquette”: covering your mouth firmly with a mask, and keeping a handkerchief or tissue in the inside of your jacket and sleeves, etc.

[Events such as exhibitions in MOT]
At this time, exhibitions are planned to be held, but some projects have been canceled and maybe canceled or postponed in the future, depending on changing circumstances.
The status of each event will be posted on the MOT website, official Twitter.
So if you plan to visit us, please check the latest information at any time.

We ask for your understanding of and cooperation in the prevention and spread of viral infection.