Time of others

People from distant times and places; people with no connection to each other: the "Time of others" in this exhibition's title may recall the divisions that become apparent precisely at a moment like the present, when information and people move so rapidly.
While shared memories and sensibilities that transcend national borders are no longer a rarity, contemporary global society is witnessing a rise in conflicts brought about by economic disparity and differences in values. In this context, thinking about how we connect with--or what separates us from-the "other" can also lead to a reconsideration of the histories of the societies we live in, as well as the way we imagine the world. Collaboratively organized by four curators, this exhibition presents works by 18 artists from the Asia-Pacific region whose practices offer keys to engaging with the time of others.


Kiri DALENA (Philippines)

Graham FLETCHER (New Zealand)

HO Tzu Nyen (Singapore)

Saleh HUSEIN (Indonesia)

Jonathan JONES (Australia)

On KAWARA (Japan)

An-My LÊ (USA)

LIM Minouk (Korea)

Basir MAHMOOD (Pakistan)

mamoru (Japan)

MIYAGI Futoshi (Japan)

Pratchaya PHINTHONG (Thailand)

Bruce QUEK (Singapore)

SHITAMICHI Motoyuki (Japan)

Natee UTARIT (Thailand) ※Exhibiting from the end of May 2015

VANDY Rattana (Cambodia)

Võ An Khánh (Vietnam)

Danh VO (Denmark)

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Singapore Art Museum
Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art

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Supported by

The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences

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⑤キリ・ダレナweb.jpg ⑥サレ・フセインweb.jpg

From left to right, top to bottom:
Pratchaya PHINTHONG, Give More Than You Take, 2010
Bruce QUEK, The Hall of Mirrors: Southeast Asia Report, 2012
MIYAGI Futoshi, The Ocean View Resort , 2013
mamoru, THE WAY I HEAR, B. S. LYMAN The 5th Movement Polyphony for collective imagination, 2015 (reference image)
Kiri DALENA, Erased Slogans, 2008
Saleh HUSEIN, Arabian Party, 2013

Kiri DALENA [Philippines]⑤キリ・ダレナweb.jpg
Born in Manila, the Philippines, in 1975. Dalena studied documentary film and produces works that cast light on the people of the Philippines and their everyday lives, whilst they confront socio-political issues in the country. However, Dalena's works are not strictly documentary works. Incorporating varied media and expressive languages, the works elicit an imaginative power that disrupts the mode of reality viewers maintain in their consciousness.

Erased Slogans is based on an archive of photographic materials related to the demonstrations that took place in the Philippines from the 1950s to the 1970s. Dalena erased all the slogans on the placards of about 100 photographs selected from this massive archive. The accumulation of these images completely devoid of words further accentuates the power structures at play in the relationship between the citizens stridently calling for change and the authorities who suppress them. The blank placards carried by the people―alluding to an enforced silence―hint at the many voices that will never reach us and the existence of forgotten hopes and ideals.

Graham FLETCHER [New Zealand]
Born in 1969 in Auckland, New Zealand. Fletcher is a New Zealand artist of Samoan and European heritage.
During his doctoral research at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, he worked on the "Lounge Room Tribalism" series which resulted in the completion of PhD in 2010. His solo exhibitions include: Phantom Cube (Gow Langsford, Auckland, 2014), Lounge Room Tribalism (Mangere Arts Centre, Auckland, 2012) and Situation Rooms, (Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Auckland, 2012). His group exhibitions include: Future Primitive (Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2013) and the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (2012). Lives and works in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Saleh HUSEIN [Indonesia] ⑥サレ・フセインweb.jpg
Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1982, Hussein now lives in Jakarta (Indonesia). He studied painting at Art School in Jakarta. He makes work from various medias and also performs as a lead guitarist in the band White Shoes & The Couples Company.

In the process of making Arabian Party, Husein researched the history of the Arab-Indonesians; namely Abdurrahman Baswedan who, during the 1930s Indonesian National Awakening period, led the Arab-Indonesian nationalist movement and advanced the principle that your birthplace is your motherland. This work is mainly comprised of 100 paintings by the artist based on photographic materials he discovered through his research process. The act of converting photographs into paintings represents the his critical investigation into what photographs are able to record and narrate as historical documents. It also represents a methodology for thinking about issues of nationhood, nationalism and identification.

HO Tzu Nyen [Singapore]
Born in 1976 in Singapore.
Ho received a BA in Creative Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne in 2001, and an MA in Southeast Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore in 2007. He works primarily with film, video, and performance, and has recently produced multimedia installations. He has also participated in a number of international film and performance festivals.

LIM Minouk [Korea]
Born in 1968 in Daejeon, Korea.
Lim studied at Ehwa Women's University in Seoul and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, graduating in 1994.
In her work she expertly uses various media, to cast light on the situations faced by people and communities who are ostracised in contemporary Korean society.
In the work presented in this exhibition "International Calling Frequency", Minouk presents a protest song as a space of shared time for those who have been expelled from their homes and as a new form of solidarity.

Jonathan JONES [Australia]ジョナサン・ジョーンズweb.jpg
Born in 1978 in Sydney, Australia.
Jones is a member of the Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi nations of Southeast Australia. He completed his BA at the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales in 1999.
Drawing on his aboriginal ancestry and its traditions, Jones employs everyday and recycled raw materials to propose new perspectives on relationships between community and the individual, and the historical and contemporary.

On KAWARA [Japan]
Born in 1932 in Aichi, Japan. On studied painting in Mexico in the early 1960s before settling in New York in 1965.
Along with the 'Today" series, Kawara's correspondence art and formal linguistic experiments made a significant contribution to the development of conceptual art. He died on 28 June 2014.

An-My LÊ [USA] アン・ミー・レー(ハイチ).jpg
Born in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, in 1960. Lê now lives in New York. Her family migrated to the United States as political refugees when she was fifteen. She received a master's degree in biology from Stanford University before earning an MFA in photography at Yale University in 1993.

Producing Events Ashore over a period of nine years,
Lê accompanied US military forces deployed across the world, capturing their maritime and coastal operations, the ships and aircrafts, sailors and marines with her large-format camera. Rendered through precise calculations of light and composition, these images brim with a beauty that suggests photographic staging, but they also exude the artist's own ambivalence towards the US Military.

Basir MAHMOOD [Pakistan]
Born in 1985, Lahore, Pakistan. Mahmood graduated with a BFA from Beaconhouse National University Lahore, Pakistan in 2010.
He received a year-long fellowship from Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany in 2011.
Lives and works in Lahore.

mamoru [Japan] ④mamoruweb.jpg
Born in Osaka in 1977. He received a BFA in Music Performance (Jazz Piano) from the City College of the City University of New York in 2001, and is currently enrolled in the Master Artistic Research course at the Royal Academy of Art and The Royal Conservatory The Hague (the Netherlands). Mamoru attempts to use the act of listening to access a space and time that we cannot directly experience, by employing various media such as text, video, sound elements, and performances.

THE WAY I HEAR, B.S.LYMAN The 5th Movement Polyphony for collective imagination is based on mamoru's research into the work of the American geologist and mining engineer Benjamin Smith Lyman, who discovered the Yubari coalfield in the 19th century. This coalfield forms part of the largest coal deposit in Japan; the Ishikari coalfield. The discovery triggered the development and modernization of Japan. Mamoru has created a sound installation using text and sound elements that references the connections between the moment Lyman found the lump of coal and the present day.

MIYAGI Futoshi [Japan] ③ミヤギフトシweb.jpg
Born in Okinawa in 1981. He now lives in Tokyo.
After graduating from high school,
Miyagi moved to New York and started his career as an artist whilst working in a bookstore specializing in art-related books. Miyagi's works are mostly derived from his personal experiences and memories, and underlying themes such as nationality, ethnicity, and identity. He develops these ideas and experiences in the form of photographs, videos, objects, texts, and installations.

The video work The Ocean View Resort begins with the story of the protagonist, who recalls Miyagi himself returning from the United States to his island home in Okinawa, where he re-encounters his childhood friend Y. When recounting an unknown history of the island, they mention the relationship between Y's grandfather and the U.S. military, which echoes the relationship between Y and the protagonist. Beyond the gaze of the artist, who examines his own identity as a sexual minority, lies the complexity of the historical and political relations of Japan, the United States and Okinawa.

Pratchaya PHINTHONG [Thailand] ①プラッチャヤ・ピントーン.jpg
Born in Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand, in 1974. Currently lives in Bangkok. Phinthong's conceptually-driven practice is premised on collaborative processes, modes of exchange and the transference of artistic agency that redefine the value and significance of art.

Give More Than You Take is an ongoing project that began in 2010 when the artist traveled to Sweden to work with Thai workers who were hired to pick wild berries. Each day, Phinthong informed the curator of the gallery in France―where he was to present his work―the weight of the berries he picked with instructions to gather materials of an equivalent weight to his artwork. The project culminated in a 549kg artwork equivalent to the total weight of berries picked in Sweden over the course of two months. In this exchange, the values of artistic and menial labor are conflated.

Bruce QUEK [Singapore]②ブルース・クェック.jpg
Born in Singapore in 1986. He received a Diploma in Fine Arts (sculpture) from La Salle College of the arts in Singapore. Alongside his practice as an author, Quek is an interdisciplinary artist well-versed in installation art, sound art and photography.

The Hall of Mirrors was first exhibited in Singapore in 2011. The work is based on the artist's research into publicly available statistics on environmental and social concerns such as climate-related disasters, crime, illness and suicide. Quek translates this numerical data into an encounter that connects our consciousness of real time with the rate of these destructive events and traumas. In this exhibition, The Hall of Mirrors: Asia Pacific Report records the duration of time each viewer spent with the art work, thereby reconnecting this contained experience, and, indeed, the contained space of the exhibition itself, with other critical realities in the Asia-Pacific region.

SHITAMICHI Motoyuki [Japan]
Born in 1978 in Okayama, Japan.
Shitamichi obtained a BFA in Fine Arts (Oil Painting) from Musashino Art University in 2001.
As he travels throughout Japan, East Asia and Southeast Asia, Shitamichi seeks to render in his works the unconscious histories and boundaries that are embedded within the everyday landscapes of each particular location.
Lives and works in Aichi, Japan.

Natee UTARIT [Thailand] 
Born in 1970 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Utarit graduated from Silpakorn University, Bangkok, in 1992. Utilizing the conventions of Western painting and dealing with the issues surrounding the politics, religion, and traditions of Thailand and other Asian countries, Utarit pursues new innovations in painting and simultaneously challenges the canons of Western painting.
Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

VANDY Rattana [Cambodia]
Born in 1980 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
As a self-taught photographer, Vandy began documenting natural and man-made events and disasters in Cambodia in 2005. He is the former co-founder of the artist's collective Stiev Selapak (Art Rebels) and opened the SaSa Art Gallery with the collective in 2009.
Lives and works in Phnom Penh, Paris and Taipei.

Võ An Khánh [Vietnam]
Born in 1936 in Bạc Liêu, Vietnam.
Khánh took up photography in 1957 and worked as a photographer with the Viet Cong guerrilla movement. Unpublished at the time, his photographic negatives were kept in glassine sleeves inside an ammunition box and were presented for the first time at Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side exhibition (International Center of Photography, New York, 2002). An accompanying publication was published by National Geographic. Lives and works in Bạc Liêu, Vietnam.

Danh VO [Denmark]
Born in 1975 in Ba Ria-Vũng Tàu, southern Vietnam.
Vo fled with his family by boat in 1979. Rescued by a Danish ship and sent to a refugee camp in Singapore, they were later granted asylum in Denmark. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the Städelschule in Frankfurt.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

From Top to Bottom
Kiri DALENA, Erased Slogans, 2008
Saleh HUSEIN, Arabian Party, 2013
Jonathan Jones, Wall weeves, 2006/2015
An-My LÊ,Ship Security, US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort, Haiti from Events Ashore series, 2010
mamoru, THE WAY I HEAR, B. S. LYMAN The 5th Movement Polyphony for collective imagination, 2015 (reference image)
MIYAGI Futoshi, The Ocean View Resort , 2013
Pratchaya PHINTHONG, Give More Than You Take, 2010
Bruce QUEK, The Hall of Mirrors: Southeast Asia Report, 2012

■Gallery Tours by the curator
Date:May 2 (Sat), 16 (Sat), 30 (Sat), 2015
Time (all dates): 14:00
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 1F
※Japanese only
*"Time of others" exhibition ticket is needed to gain entry to this event

■Gallery Tour by the intern
Date+Time:May 2 (Sat) 2015, 15:00
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 1F
※English only
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■International Symposium 2015
"THE 1990s The Making of Art with Contemporaries"
Organizers: The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Date: May 23 (Sat), 13:00 - 17: 00, May 24 (Sun), 13:00 - 16:00, 2015
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Auditorium B2F
Free Admission
Capacity: 200 participants
Language: Japanese and English simultaneous translation

Revisiting aspects of the art scenes in the 1990s as turning points in Contemporary art in Asia:
1: The activities of museums in Japan, Australia, and Singapore and their influences
2: The extent of museum activities directed by the artists
3: The roles and presence of international curators.

To Register
Please send the following Information by E-mail or FAX to the Japan Foundation Asia Center,
with the subject as 'Southeast Asian Art Symposium: Registration."

The Japan Foundation of Asia Center
Email: 90sart@jpf.co.jp

Name/ Telefone/ E-mail address/ Day(s) of attendance

■Meet the Artist Vol.1 - Vandy Rattana 
Talk session by Vandy Rattana presenting the work "MONOLOGUE" in the
*Vandy Rattana is staying in Tokyo through the residency program organized
by Art Initiative Tokyo and co-organized by the Backers Foundation from May
13 to 31 July, 2015.

Date:May 30 (Sat), 2015
Time: 15:00-16:00
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 2F
※Japanese and English consecutive translation 

■Meet the Artist Vol. 2 - An-My Lê
Lecture by the New York based photographer An-My Le on her "Events Ashore" series.
Date:June 13 (Sat), 2015
Time: 15:00-16:00
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 1F
※Japanese and English consecutive translation

*"Time of others" exhibition ticket is needed to gain entry to this event

*Other details will be announced on the official website for the event.

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■Opening Forum
"Collaborative Possibilities: Thinking about Museum Engagements in Asia, Now"
Organizers: The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Date: April 11 (Sat) 2015, 14:00 - 17:00 (Doors open: 13:30)
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Auditorium B2F
Free Admission
Maximum capacity: 200
Language: Japanese and English simultaneous translation
Chris Saines / The Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art (Australia)
Susie Lingham / Director of the Singapore Art Museum (Singapore)
Yamanashi Toshio / Director of the National Museum of Art (Osaka)
Hasegawa Yuko / Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Tokyo)

Kataoka Mami (Chief Curator of the Mori Art Museum)
Furuichi Yasuko (The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Art Coordinator)
*Other details will be announced on the official website for the event.

■Artist Talk
Date: April 12 (Sun) 2015, 14:00 - 16:00
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 1F
Free Admission (entrance ticket for the exhibition is required)
Language: English and Japanese consecutive interpretation

Time Schedule
14:00-14:05 Introdution by the curators
14:05-14:20 Shitamichi Motoyuki
14:20-14:35 Saleh Husein
14:35-14:50 Kiri Dalena
14:50-15:05 Pratchaya Phinthong
15:05-15:20 Bruce Quek
15:20-15:35 mamoru
15:35-15:50 Miyagi Futoshi
*You can join this event at any time.
*Including question and answer session.

■Talk Event: Uncertain Connections in Asia
Date: April 25 (Sat), 2015, 15:00 - 16:00 (subject to change)
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Auditorium B2F
In cooperation with: artscape
Free Admission (entrance ticket for the exhibition is required)
Language: Japanese
Otomo Yoshihide (Musician),
Soma Chiaki (Art Producer/Board member at NPO Arts Network Japan),
Che Kyongfa (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)

Fukuda Miki (artscape editor)

Exhibition Information


April 11(Sat) - June 28(Sun) , 2015

Closed on

Mondays (except May 4),May 7


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) Exhibition Gallery 1F

Opening Hours

*Last admission to the gallery floor & last ticket purchase is 30minutes before the closing time.


Adults: 1,000yen/ University Students&Over 65s: 800yen/ High School & Junior High Students: 600yen/ Elementary School students& Under: Free
*Free entry to MOT collection ticket holders

Exhibition Catalogue

Time of others
Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Art of Tokyo
The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Singapore Art Museum
Queensland art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Price: 1,300yen(before-tax price)

Touring Exhibition

The National Museum of Art, Osaka 
July, 25 (Sat)- September, 23(Wed)2015
Singapore Art Museum
Nov.19(Thu)2015- Feb.28(San)2016
Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art


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