Twentieth Anniversary Special MOT Collection Contacts

To commemorate the museum's twentieth anniversary in fiscal year 2014, we will hold special exhibitions divided into three stages.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo's permanent exhibition, the "MOT Collection," presents exhibitions based on our collection of our approximately 4,700 works. To show the power and appeal of post-war contemporary artworks from many angles, MOT organizes a collection exhibition each term under different themes. This term, MOT will hold the second of three special collection exhibitions marking its twentieth anniversary. Under the theme, "Contacts," the exhibition will throw light on the varying points of connection that exist between different artworks.

The museum's Collection covers many art genres and periods, from important works of postwar art to recent trends of work by young artists. Hence, a distinguishing feature is the wide range of art encounters it offers, all in one location. This time, MOT will give play to this feature and consciously combine artworks of different generations, domains of activity, and technical methods, so as to create an exhibition of unique character only possible in the spaces of this museum.

Although born from the specific conditions of their time or geographical location, the artworks possess unlimited potential for rediscovery. This exhibition, by setting up "contacts" between artworks of different eras and genres, will allow viewers to notice many important points about them. In this way, visitors to the exhibition will experience the power latent in individual works of art and be exposed to the meaning of the museum's collection.


Carl Andre×Motohiro Tomii

AnthonyCaro×Shigeo Anzai

Sam Francis×Takashi Ishida

Chimei Hamada×Izumi Kato

David Hockney×Masaya Chiba

Yves Klein×Walter Niedermayr×Kazuyo Sejima+Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA

On Kawara×Mieko Shiomi×Tatsuo Miyajima

Saburo Murakami×Atsuko Tanaka×Yukio Fujimoto

Kaii Higashiyama× Katsuhige Nakahashi×Natsunosuke Mise

Giuseppe Penone×Naoyo Fukuda

Shigeo Toya×Naoko Sekine

Andy Warhol×James Rosenquist×Makoto Aida

Hiroshi Yoshida×Tadanori YokooIsamu

Wakabayashi×Koji Enokura

  • Anthony Caro, Sea Change, 1970 Photo: Shigeo Anzai

  • Naoko Sekine, One thing, 2001

  • Masaya Chiba, Turtle's life #3, 2013

  • Kaii Higashiyama, Whisper of the woods, 1963

Exhibition Information


September 27(Sat) - January 4(Sun) , 2015


Mondays (except 10.13, 11.3, 11.24), 10.14, 11.4, 11.25, New year holidays: 12.28-1.1


10:00-18:00 (ticket available until 17:30)


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Collection Gallery 1F, 3F


Adult: ¥500
College & University Students: ¥400
High School & Adults over 65: ¥250
Free for under Junior High & Exhibition ticket holders


From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station on the Hanzomon Line: 9min. walk from the B2 exit.
From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station on the Toei Oedo Line: 13min. walk from the A3 exit.


+81-3-5245-4111(General Information)
+81-3-5405-8686(Hello Dial)

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