MOT Annual 2016

Loose Lips Save Ships


Showcasing young artists who represent new trends in contemporary art in Japan, "MOT Annual" is a consecutive series of group exhibitions launched in 1999, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Co-curated by ARTISTS' GUILD, an artist-led organization that develops experimental projects to improve the environments of artistic expression, this exhibition marks the MOT Annual's 14th installment and is presented in a somewhat different format from its predecessors.

Surveying contemporary society, while everyone can now make their voice heard freely through the Internet, there is also growing intolerance against opinions that differ from the values of the majority. Various frictions created by this contortion are evident, and sites of creative expression are no exception. Under such circumstances, what kind of impact on society and people can artistic expression and action make by challenging existing sets of values and social norms, and raising radical questions?

Through in-depth discussions, ARTISTS' GUILD and the museum have developed every aspect of the exhibition, from theme to structure. With artworks created by both Japanese and international artists, live performances, talks and a book publication, the project poses various questions concerning conditions of artistic expressions and social situations today. Recognizing the significance of acts of vocalization without fear of saying improper things, as the title "Loose Lips Save Ships" suggests, the exhibition aims to build a platform where multiple interpretations based on different perspectives intersect with one another.


ARTISTS' GUILD (AG) is a form of social experiment initiated by artists to explore new possibilities for supporting art.
In 2009, AG launched a video equipment sharing system with the aim of reducing the financial burden for individual artists to make artworks and exhibitions. In 2013, AG established AG Productions LLC, an incorporated organization that engages in art praxis with a different approach to that of artists working individually by undertaking video documentation of exhibitions and related events.



Mai Endo+Yasuto Masumoto, Meiro Koizumi, Hajime Saito, Artur Żmijewski, Fuyuhiko Takata,
Satoshi Hashimoto, Hikaru Fujii, Seiichi Furuya, Dan Perjovschi, Toru Yokota

Please note: this exhibition includes works that contain nudity and violent images, and an area not suitable for viewing by persons 12 years old and younger.

Still photography is permitted in "MOT Annual 2016 Loose Lips Save Ships" under the following policies:
-You cannot take pictures of works with the No Photo Sign.
-Please refrain from using flash or tripods.
-Photography for commercial use is not permitted.
-Videotaping is not permitted.
-Please refrain from photographing other visitors, as it may infringe of their portrait rights.
-The photographer will bear full responsibility concerning the use of photographs.
Neither the museum nor artist will bear any responsibility whatsoever.
*Concerning photography for news coverage, please contact the museum for permission.

Organized by:

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Exhibition Direction:

Meiro Koizumi*, Yasuto Masumoto*, Hiroharu Mori*, Kazuhiko Yoshizaki(MOT)

Book Direction:

Koki Tanaka* + Arts Commons Tokyo(English sections:Yuki Okumura* + Art Translators Collective)
*=ARTISTS' GUILD, MOT=Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Graphic Design:

Kentaro Nakamura 

From left to right, top to bottom:

Satoshi Hashimoto,Videographer:Ballerina, 2012 [Reference Image]
Hikaru Fujii, The Construction of History is Dedicated to the Memories of the Unnamed, 2015 Photo:Kuniya Oyamada [Reference Image]
Toru Yokota,War in Afghanistan, 2011[Reference Image]
Artur Żmijewski,Repetition, 2005, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich
Meiro Koizumi, Oral History, video installation, 2015
Mai Endo + Yasuto Masumoto, Studies for "Flexible Motion Cipher (tentative)" 2016 [Reference Image]
Seiichi Furuya, Izu 1978, collection:IZU PHOTO MUSEUM
Dan Perjovschi, dialog, 1995 [Reference Image]
Fuyuhiko Takata, Many Classic Moments, movie Blu-ray, 2011
Hajime Saito,Clear, Billboard/digital print 2012-2016

Mai Endo +Yasuto Masumoto

Mai Endo
Born 1984 in Hyogo. Received her BFA in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013.
Active as an actress and artist, she founded the theater company Nijuni-kai together with stage director Mihoko Watanabe in 2013, and has been attracting attention with video works and performances incorporating theatrical methods.
Solo exhibitions include "Let it be." (TAV Gallery, Tokyo, 2015), "I am a Feminist!" (Gallery Barco, Tokyo, 2015). Theater performances with Nijuni-kai include "Hit a Person in the Eyes" (22:00 Gallery, Tokyo, 2014). Appeared as an actress in "What if you know who shows up from the corner of room 51 at 9 in the morning" (directed by Tasuku Ohigashi, Ichirota Suzuki and Kaori Nishio; World Theatre Festival Shizuoka under Mt. Fuji 2015, Shizuoka, 2015); "Remarks" (directed by Yudai Kamisato; National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2015); Scratch Settlement" (written by Daisuke Kishii; blanClass, Kanagawa, 2014); "Invisible Neighbors (Inspired by '8')" (directed by Kaori Nishio; Festival Tokyo, 2014), and other pieces.

Yasuto Masumoto
Born 1981 in Hiroshima. Received his MA in Media Art from Tokyo Polytechnic University in 2006.
He approaches things that can hardly be experienced, discussed or even imagined, through works utilizing media from video to installation and performance, and presented in the form of workshops, picnics, schools and various other kinds of formats beyond the conventional exhibition framework. Solo exhibitions include "Freestyle dialogue at the stage" (Art Space 13, Osaka, 2013); "Criterium 82" (Art Tower Mito, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ibaraki, 2012); "Blue, Red, White and Yellow" (Observation Society, China, 2011); "Private Chorus" (Alternative Space Loop, Korea, 2010). Group shows include "Positive Space" (Times Museum, China,2014); "No Soul For Sale" (participation as Collective Parasol; Tate Modern, London, 2010), etc. Member of the Artists' Guild.

Meiro Koizumi

Born 1976 in Gunma. Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design (UK) in 2002. Artist-in-residence at Stichting Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Netherlands) in 2005-2006.

His works address issues of nationalism, history and war, and frequently expose feelings and fantasies that we tend to suppress consciously or subconsciously, through choreographies that directly affect the actors' self-consciousness.

He exhibited works in numerous solo shows including "Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence" (Arts Maebashi, Gunma, 2015), "Project Series 99: Meiro Koizumi" (Museum of Modern Art [MoMA], USA, 2013), "MAM Project 009: Meiro Koizumi" (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2009). Group shows include "Demarcation" (Ginza Maison Hermes le Forum, Tokyo, 2015), "Future Generation Art Prize 2012" (Pinchuk Art Center, Ukraine, 2012), "Media City Seoul" (Korea, 2010). Member of the Artists' Guild.

Hajime Saito

Born 1992 in Kanagawa. 2014Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Painting Major, Department of Fine Arts, in 2014, and completed the "Art Recipe" course at Bigakko in 2015.

In performances involving his own body or relationships with others he questions social norms and systems that have been internalized in people's awareness, and thereby visualizes suppressed worries and desires.

His works were exhibited in the solo show "Tokyo Girls Collection" (mime, Tokyo Zokei University, 2015), as well as in group exhibitions including "Battlefront" (Nao Nakamura, Tokyo, 2015), "Shibukaru-matsuri" (PARCO Shibuya, Tokyo, 2015), and "Weekend Family" (Bigakko, Tokyo, 2015).

Artur Żmijewski

Born 1966 in Warsaw (Poland). Graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1995.

He is primarily known for creating radical works that challenge the connection between physical and mental aspects of human existence, and close in on the dark side of society. He actively works also as an art critic and exhibition planner.

In addition to solo shows at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) (USA, 2009), Kunsthalle Basel (Switzerland, 2005), and the Venice Biennale (Italy, 2005), he has participated in numerous international art events such as the 11th International Istanbul Biennial (Turkey, 2009), Documenta 12 (Germany, 2007), and Liverpool Biennial (UK, 2012) among others.

Fuyuhiko Takata

Born 1987 in Hiroshima. Received his BFA in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013.

In his video works based on his own performances, he illustrates narcissistic, sexual delusions that stir up the mechanics between men and women, creators and destroyers, viewers and viewed.

Solo exhibitions include "STORYTELLING" (Kodama Gallery, Tokyo, 2016), "MY FANTASIA II" (Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, 2014), "MY FANTASIA" (Kodama Gallery, Kyoto, 2013). Group shows include "Super Body Maniac" (Kodama Gallery, Tokyo, 2015), "Memento Mori: Eros & Thanatos" (Shirokane Art Complex, Tokyo, 2013), "EMERGING/MASTER 1 - AIDA Makoto: Be it Art or not Art" (Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, 2011).

Satoshi Hashimoto

Born 1977 in Tokyo. Completed studies at the B-Semi Schooling System of Contemporary Art in 2000. Enrolled at Yotsuya Art Studium between 2004 and 2005. Participated in the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York in 2008.

Through his performances and displays that prompt concrete actions by the audience, he has been exhibiting works that cut into the space between artworks and viewers, and into the strained ties between society and art.

Solo exhibitions include "Nation, Dice, Instruction" (Daiwa Foundation Japan House, UK, 2014), "I was Leonardo da Vinci. I sell my soul. I sell heaven." (AOYAMA | MEGURO, Tokyo, 2013). Group exhibitions include "Omnilogue: JOURNEY TO THE WEST" (Lalit Kara Academy, India, 2012), "More at an Activity: the Artist as Choreographer" (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, 2010). Performances include

False Name" (at "14 EVENINGS", National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2012). Active at the Kiso Geijutsu Contemporary Art Think-tank and Art User Conference. Member of the Artists' Guild.

Hikaru Fujii

Born 1976 in Tokyo. Received a doctoral diploma in advanced studies (DEA) in Athletic, Sciences and Technology of the Arts from the University of Paris VIII in 2004.

He mainly employs the medium of video to create works that empirically examine questions regarding conventional systems and frameworks, based on the fact that art is produced in close relations with society and history.

In 2015 he was guest director of the Aomori City Archives Exhibition "The construction of history is dedicated to the memories of the unnamed" (Aomori Contemporary Art Centre [ACAC], Aomori Public University).

Solo exhibitions include "Merde Sculpture" (ya-gins, Gunma, 2015), "JAPAN.SDF" (Yugishitsu, Tokyo, 2007). He also participated in numerous group shows including "Records and Recollections" (Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi, 2014), "After the Quake: Thinking About Tohoku III" (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2014), "Japan Syndrome" (Berlin HAU, Germany, 2014), and "Artists and the Disaster: Documentation in Progress" (Art Tower Mito, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ibaraki, 2012), and supervised "ASAHIZA" (Asahiza Production Committee, 2013) and the "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!" (PROJECT FUKUSHIMA! Production Committee, 2012). Member of the Artists' Guild.

Seiichi Furuya

Born 1950 in Shizuoka. Graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography (now Tokyo Polytechnic University) in 1972.

Traveled to Europe via Siberia in 1973, and stayed in Vienna until moving to Graz (Austria) in 1975, after which he continued to create and exhibit works at locations in an outside Europe, including the Forum Stadtpark (Austria, 1979, 1980, 1994), Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland, 1995), Albertina Museum (Australia, 2014), and Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum (Shizuoka, 2010).

Photo books include "Mémoires 1978-1989" (Camera Austria, 1989), "Mémoires 1995" (Scalo Books, 1995), "Christine Furuya-Gössler, Mémoires 1978-1985" (Korinsha, 1997), "Portrait" (Fotohof, 2000), "Last Trip to Venice" (self-published, 2002), "Mémoires 1983" (Akaaka Art Publishing, 2006), and "Mémoires 1984-1987" (IZU PHOTO MUSEUM, 2010).

Dan Perjovschi

Born 1961 in Sibiu, Romania.

He is mainly known for creating simple drawings full of humor and irony, expressing criticism of contemporary society with its global problems of economic imbalance and political conflict, and of art systems dependent on capital and politics.

In addition to solo exhibitions at the Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble (France, 2015), Nykytaiteen Museo Kiasma (Finland, 2013), Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) (USA, 2007), Tate Modern (UK, 2006), and Museum Ludwig (Germany, 2005), he participated in numerous international art shows such as the 31st Bienal de São Paulo (Brazil, 2014), Aichi Triennial (Aichi, 2013), La Triennale Paris (France, 2012), the 10th Lyon Biennial (France, 2009), and the 16th Sydney Biennial (Australia, 2008).

Toru Yokota

Born 1971 in Ibaraki.

He started working as a freelance photojournalist at the time of the Cambodian Civil War in 1997, and went on to cover the Riots of Indonesia, the East Timorese crisis, the Kosovo War, and other conflicts in regions around the world. Shortly before the 9/11 attacks he did a reportage on the Taliban in Afghanistan, and followed the US military forces to document the fight against the Taliban continuously from 2007 until '14. In 2013 he visited the ISIS stronghold Rakka. Received a Nakasone Yasuhiro Award (Incentive Award).



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