Tokyo Wonder Wall 2013

Tokyo Wonder Wall 2013

Tokyo Wonder Wall opened in May 2000 inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, inspired by the idea to utilize the building's interior walls as exhibitions space for works by young artists, and communicate the appeal of culture to the world. Since 2001, exhibitions have also been held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in order to offer an even larger number of young creators space for exhibiting their works. As of this year, the exhibition includes video works in the three-dimensional installation section and shows wider range of works. For last year's show that attracted and delighted a broad audience, 66 two-dimensional works and 7 three-dimensional installation pieces were selected from among a total of878 submissions. In addition, twelve prize-winners in the category of two-dimensional works, and two winners in the three-dimensional installation category have been showing their respective works at the Government Building, providing the building's numerous visitors with fresh stimulation and inspiration. Another focus of Tokyo Wonder Wall is on the continuous support and fostering of young creators. Selected artists are given the opportunity to participate in exhibitions at Tokyo Wonder Site. This year again we look forward to encountering fresh new talent at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and boosting up-and-coming young artists' energetic creative efforts in conjunction with Tokyo Wonder Site's programs.

Exhibition Information
Period: May 18 (Saturday) - June 9 (Sunday) 2013
Closed on: Monday
Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 ( last admission 17:30)
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)
Organize: Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Cooperation: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Admission: Free
Also Showing: "Francis Al ÿs" Part1: MEXICO SURVEY
"Yuki Katsura- A FABLE"
"MOT Collection" Part1: Our Ninety Years 1923-2013/ Part2: Afterimages of Tomorrow

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