MOT Annual 2010:Neo-Ornamentalism from Japanese Contemporary Art

Ornamentation is not only an important element of art creation like form and color; in many cases it gives expression or representation to a spiritual realm transcending material existence. The geometric patterns of Jomon pottery or decorated tombs and the ornamentation of Baroque and Rococo architecture are not simply expressions of what people held to be beautiful in different ages; they embody a particular world view that questions the nature of time, space, and even individual human existence. In acts of personal adornment such as tattooing, gothic fashion, and "deco-den" personalized mobile phones, we can similarly find expression of what might be called the spiritual character of our times. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo has each year since 1999 selected a theme reflecting contemporary society and held a "MOT Annual" group exhibition introducing young artists. This year's 10th MOT Annual will take "ornamentation" as its theme. Through boldly dynamic or subtly sensitive means, ten of today's finest young artists exploring the emotional appeal of ornamentation will imbue 1200 square meters of space with creative energy.

Exhibition Information
Title: MOT Annual 2010: Neo-Ornamentalism from Japanese Contemporary Art
Period: February 6th Saturday - April 11th Sunday 2010
Closed on: Monday (Except March 22nd), March 23rd
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 18.00 (*Last admission into the exhibition 17.30)
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Temporary Exhibition Gallery 1F
Organized by: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture,
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo,
In Cooperation with: Tamanohada Soap Corporation
Artists: Katsuyo AOKI, Atsuo OGAWA, Kiyoshi KURODA, Tomoko SHIOYASU, Asao TOKOLO,
Curator: Akio SEKI (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
Admission: Adult \1,000 (800) / University & College Student \800 (640) / Over 65yrs old \800 (640) / High School & Junior High School Student \500 (400) / Free for Under Elementary School
*( ) price for a group, over 20 people
*Free entry to MOT Collection for ticket holders
*Combined ticket with 'Cyber Arts Japan' also available:
Adult \1,500 / University & College Student \1,200 / Over 65yrs old \1,200 / High School & Junior High School Student \750
Enquiry: +81 (0)3 5405 8686 (Hello Dial)
Also showing: 'Cyber Arts Japan Ars Electornica - 30 years for Art and Media Technology'
Feb 2nd Sat - Mar 22nd Mon 2010
'MOT Collection' Jan 20th Tue - Apr 11th Sun 2010
'Takehiko Inoue Entrance Space Project' until Mar 28th Sun 2010

  • Katsuyo AOKI, Predictive dream Ⅸ, 2009, Private collection, Courtesy of Röntogenwerke

  • Atsuo OGAWA, cutter knife skating, 2009, Engraving on soap

  • Kentaro YOKOUCHI, book-tear, 2008, Dye and medium, satin, Collection of Museum Contemporary Art Tokyo

  • Kiyoshi KURODA, ONIGAMI, Wall painting for the "Now JUMP!" exhibition at Num-June Paik Art Center, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA, 2008, Acrylic Gouache

  • Tomoko SHIOYASU, Cutting Insights, 2008, Paper, TAKAHASHI COLLECTION, Courtesy of SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Photo by Keizo Kioku

  • Asao TOKOLO, Installation view of "Solo Exhibition of Asao Tokolo" at Kanno Museum, 2007 Shiogama-city, Miyagi

  • Hiroshi MIZUTA, An apartment in gray, 2009, Oil on canvas, Artist's collection, Courtesy of ARTCOURT Gallery

  • Junichi MORI, minawa, 2008, Wood, Courtesy of void+

  • Motoi YAMAMOTO, Labyrinth, Installation view at Force of Nature, Artist in Residence, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC, U.S.A. 2006, Salt

  • Nao MATSUMOTO, Baby Blues the Blues, 2007, Oil on canvas, Collection of ART SPACE NIJI, Photo by Tomas Svab

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