Wonderful World
Sparkle is everywhere!
Let's see, talk, discover, and share the fun with everyone !

Why not come and enjoy works of art while talking together with your children?

The fascination of discovering new things, of being moved to question things, the joy of sharing your discoveries with others. Our object is to imbue the fresh, young minds of children with numerous, 'exciting experiences that will move their hearts.'

'Wonderful World' is an exhibition that can be enjoyed by everyone, from infants to adults. Five contemporary artists have taken motifs that are both familiar and interesting to children--fruit, trains, mirrors, animals, building blocks, etc. and turned them into art, converting exhibition space into sensory, interactive works.

Parents with babies or small children often find it difficult to visit museums with their children and probably wonder whether their children will be able to understand art. However, this exhibition willl present works that express the visual world of children or art that can be appreciated through the experience of touching and playing with the works. By presenting works that conform to the interests and comprehension of children, we aim to make it an exhibition that even small children will be able to enjoy.

We hope that by verbalizing what they feel when they come into contact with these works within the extraordinary setting of an art museum, the children will notice sensations or feelings they generally remain unaware of. This will allow them to discover a new person within themselves and by sharing their experiences with the other children around them, they will be able to encounter each other's worlds. By changing their viewpoint, they will find that they are able to discern a fantastic new world, one that may turn out to be a 'Wonderful World'

Why not draw closer to the things that your children display an interest in, talking freely while you look at the works as if you were reading them a picture book. By looking at the works altogether instead of alone, you may be able to discover something new.This is an exhibition for people to look, talk and discover!


Mayuko Kanazawa / Ryota Kuwakubo / Tomoko Hashimoto / Misa Funai / Akiko Muto

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Sponsored by


In cooperation with

agnes b/ Claessens Japan Ltd./ KUSAKABE CORPORATION
HOLBEIN Works, Ltd./ RICOH COMPANY, LTD/ Matsudo High School
Fukagawa shiryokan Avenue Shopping Street Cooperative Society
Fukagawa Fureai Center/ Grantchester House/ WESTUNITIS/ koikoi furniture factory
Musashino Art University Department of Arts Policy and Managemant
The Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University
KYOTO SAGA UNIVERSITY OF ARTS Department of Fine Arts and Media art domain
Motokaga Elementary School


1. Interactive Installations that People Can Enter Into
This exhibition will include interactive installation works that people can enter and play inside. People will also be allowed to take photographs for their personal pleasure. Please feel free to photograph your children as they become one with the works on display, the photographs that you take at the exhibition becoming your own original works. Post your photographs on Facebook, blogs or Twitter to show people who have not seen the exhibition and tell them about your unique way of enjoying it.

2. Enjoy Art with Babies and Small Children!
'People talk about enjoying art with a baby or small child but how should I go about doing it?'
If this is how you feel, please participate in our museum appreciation program which will include: a 'baby tour', allowing you to learn how to appreciate an exhibition together with a small child; appreciation classes for parents and children and various lectures. We can teach you the secret of enjoying art together with your children.

3. Enjoyable for Adults Too.
Adults who wish to relive their childhood, or who still remain children at heart are more than welcome.

Photographing in the exhibition spaces:

Please feel free to capture the smiles and sparkle of your children in a photograph.
In this exhibition, photography within certain limits,* is OK!
*Regarding photography: Photographs are strictly forbidden inside the gallery
except for the purpose of recording your children's growth or as a souvenir of family and friends.

Please observe the following rules in order not to inconvenience other visitors.

  • Please do not use flash or tripods when photographing.
  • Photographs taken for commercial purposes are strictly forbidden.
  • Photography must be limited to stills, please do not take videos.
  • Please do not photograph other visitors to the museum as this may infringe on their rights of likeness.
  • Use of the photographs is the responsibility of the user. The museum will not take any responsibility.

金澤_ポリフォニックジャンプ_l.jpg クワクボ_≪10番目≫.jpg


船井.JPG    武藤_思い出の庭_l.jpg

Mayuko Kanazawa, Polyphonic jump!, 2011, Installation view at The Yamazaki Mazak Museum
Ryota Kuwakubo, The Tenth Sentiment, 2010, photo courtesy: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], photo: Keizo Kioku
Tomoko Hashimoto, Inspiration Has Descended, 2003
Misa Funai, Paradise/Boundary, 2014, photo: Keizo Kioku
Akiko Muto, Garden of Memories T+S+U+M+A+R+I, 2012, Installation view at Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennal

Exhibition Information


July 12, 2014(Sat)-August 31, 2014(Sun)

Opening Hours

*Jul.18, 25, Aug.1, 8, 15, 22, 29 (Fridays) is open until 21:00
Last admission to the gallery floor & last ticket purchase is 30minutes before the closing hour.


Mondays (except for July 21), July 22


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Exhibition Gallery 3F


Adult: ¥1,000
University & College Student, Over 65yrs old: ¥800
High School & Junior High School Student: ¥500
Free for Elementary School & Under
*( ) Price for a group, over 20 people*Free entry to MOT Collection for ticket holders
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From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station on the Hanzomon Line: 9min. walk from the B2 exit.
From Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station on the Toei Oedo Line: 13min. walk from the A3 exit.
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+81-3-5245-4111(General Information)
+81-3-5405-8686(Hello Dial)

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