Atsuko Tanaka. The Art of Connecting

MOT Annual 2012
Making Situations, Editing Landscapes

Exhibition Outline
A single large event occurs, experienced by many people at once. Because of varying factors--one's life before that moment; personal reactions as the event unfolds; how it changes one's life thereafter; influences felt from others around one--everyone present will interpret the event differently. Each person's interpretation, moreover, will be right in its own way.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo each year holds a "MOT Annual" group exhibition introducing young artists. This year, the MOT Annual will feature six artists and one artist team who, by influencing or manipulating ordinary situations, edit common everyday scenes and landscapes and bring about new ways of seeing. These artists do not give form to art with their own hands. Rather, they bring others into mediation and leave the final result to our imaginations. They employ not only exhibits but also performances, workshops, and texts as elements of their art and, as a result, it is hard to say in a word what form the artwork takes. They employ these elements, moreover, not to form an independent image but rather to show how all individual events interrelate and coexist along with the contradictions among them. They suggest the possibility of distant eras and distant places existing adjacently.

As artists who adopt varying creative methods in response to the site, they will each create new projects for this exhibition. Their endeavors are sure to inspire new thoughts and fresh perspectives. Their actions are slight--just enough to awaken a small breeze. The effect they produce on a situation is quiet, like widening ripples.

■Yuki OKUMURA (b. 1978)
Through workshops with children, where he has them imagine and draw their own insides, and through videos created collaboratively with rakugo artists and interpreters, Okumura Yuki suggests the possibilities of a parallel world produced by a virtual body.

■Shun SASA (b. 1986)
By combining dramatic performance, continually updated diaries, and the various phenomena surrounding them, Sasa Shun presents a fictional story as something that might become real in the future.

■Motoyuki SHITAMICHI (b. 1978)
Shitamichi Motoyuki discovers and photographs the "forms" of wartime buildings and other forgotten things that have grown buried and lost in the landscape.

■Koki TANAKA (b. 1975)
An artist representing Japan at the next Venice Biennale, Tanaka Koki has in recent years devised ways to awaken debate in public and online contexts. The activity in its entirety he presents as an artwork.

■Yuichiro TAMURA (b. 1977)
Commuting among media, at times employing video or photography and at times an installation, Tamura Yuichiro depicts a territory where events past and present and completely different places become superimposed.

■Nadegata Instant Party
(NAKAZAKI Tohru, b. 1976 + YAMASHIRO Daisuke, b. 1983 + NODA Tomoko, b. 1983)
Nadegata Instant Party is an art trio that upsets existing frameworks by setting up new relationships, such as by producing a "24-hour only TV station" as a pretext for drawing complete strangers into collaborations.

■Hiroaki MORITA (b.1973)
By informing us only that "someone is doing something" Morita Hiroaki provokes our imaginations and renders apparent things that are normally hard to see.

Exhibition Information

Period:October 27 (Saturday) 2012 - February 3 (Sunday) 2013
Venue:Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 3F
Closed on:Mondays, (except for Dec.24, Jan.14), Dec.25, Dec.28 - Jan.1, Jan.15
Hours:10:00-18:00 (Tickets available until 17:30)
Organizer:Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture,
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
In cooperation with:NEC Display Solutions, Ltd., Photographers' Laboratory,
Fukagawa Shiryokan Avenue Shopping Street Cooperative Society,
Motokaga Elementary School
Admission:Adult ¥1,000 (¥800) / University & College Student, Over 65yrs old ¥800 (¥640) /
High school & Junior high school student ¥500 (¥400) / Free for Elementary School & Under
*( ) Price for a group, over 20 people
*Free entry to MOT permanent collection for ticket holders
*Discount available for audience purchasing 'Art & Music' exhibition
Curator:Mihoko Nishikawa
Also Showing:Tokyo Art Meeting (III) Art & Music - Search for New Synesthesia
MOT Collection Our Ninety Years:1923-2013 LIFE GOESON
Catalogue:To be published in December 2012. Design by Fumio Tachibana
Yuki Okumura, Anatomy Fiction, 2012
(the workshop at Hiroshima City Museum of
Contemporary Art) Courtesy of MISAKO & ROSEN
Shun Sasa, That day comes, having gone through those days, 2012
(the performance at blanClass) photo:Hajime Kato [Reference image]
Motoyuki Shitamichi, torii, 2006-2012,
Saipan Island (USA), Type C Print,
Courtesy of the artist and nap gallery
Koki Tanaka, Painting to the Public (open-air), 2012,
Walking event with friends, painter, artist, people got information
through twitter, March 24th, 2012 around Meguro area in Tokyo, Japan.
Courtesy of the artist, Vitamin Creative Space,
Guangzhou and Aoyama Meguro, Tokyo [Reference image]
Yuichiro Tamura, Encounter the island's Demons, 2012,
Film, Installation, Performance by Awashima AIR 2012
[Reference image]
Nadegata Instant Party (Tohru Nakazaki+Daisuke Yamashiro
+Tomoko Noda), 24 OUR TELEVISION, 2010,
Artist In Residence 2010. REACTION CHAIN, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (Aomori) ©Nadegata Istant Party [Reference image]
Hiroaki Morita, Secret Promise, 2012 (the performance at blanClass) Photo: hatano kosuke Courtesy of blanClass [Reference image]

Related Program
■Related Program: Artist Talk
Talks will be given by the artists from the show. (in Japanese)
Date: Oct. 28 (Sun) 14:00 - 16:30
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 3F
*MOT Annual 2012 ticket is necessary

■Performance | Shun Sasa
Performance of Shun Sasa's That day comes, having gone through those days
Date: Oct. 27 (Sat), Nov. 10 (Sat), Dec. 8 (Sat) 15:00 -
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 3F

■Talk Event | Koki Tanka
Talk Event by Koki Tanaka's Dialogue to the Public
Date: Oct. 30 (Tue)
*The venue of the event will not be announced according to the Artist's will.
*Documentation of the event will be handed out at the exhibition
space after the event has been held on the Oct. 30.

■Screening + Artist Talk at Eurospace | Koki Tanaka
Screening of Koki Tanaka's A piano played by Five Pianists at Once (First Attempt)
Date: Nov. 3 (Sat), Nov. 4 (Sun) 21:10 - 23:00
Screening of the film: 1 Hour, Artist Talk: 1 Hour (in Japanese)
Talk: Koki Tanaka + Takayuki Hayashi (Nov. 3)
Koki Tanaka+Atsushi Tanaka (Nov. 4)
Venue: Eurospace | KINOHAUS 3F
1-5 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3461-0211
Admission: Free
*MOTANNUAL 2012 ticket is necessary
*Exhibition ticket(adult only) can be purchased at Eurospace on the day.

■Related Exhibition
Yuki Okumura's Interpreter's Notes
Date: Nov. 23 (Fri) - Dec. 2 (Sun)
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

■Screening | Yuki Okumura's works
Date: Nov. 24 (Sat)
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, B2F Auditorium

■Related Event | Yuichiro Tamura
Date: Dec. 24 (Mon)
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
*MOT Annual 2012 ticket is necessary

■Performance | Hiroaki Morita
*Performances will running throughout the period of the exhibition.

■Gallery Tour
A Gallery Tour will be given by the curator of the exhibition. (in Japanese)
Date: Jan. 12 (Sat) 2013 | 15:00 - 16:00
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 3F
*MOT Annual 2012 ticket is necessary

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