Exhibition Schedule

2016 Exhibition Schedule

Dan Perjovschi, dialog, 1995 [Reference Image]

MOT Annual 2016 Loose Lips Save Ships

Mar. 5 (Sat) -May 29 (Sun) 2016
Closed: Mondays (except for 3.21, 5.2, 5.23), 3.22.2016
Exhibition Gallery B2F

The 'MOT Annual' is an exhibition that introduces the latest trends in contemporary art created by young Japanese artists. The upcoming, 14th exhibition in this series will feature the ARTISTS' GUILD, introducing the activities of these young artists who struggle to change the environment of artists in Japan. It is a movement in which young artists come together to use their creativity to construct a system that circulates within society; it is a form of expression that was born in reaction to the conditions surrounding us in the present and aims to reevaluate the position and role of artists in society.

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Robert Kondo, layout by Jason Katz and John Sanford, Beat Board: Goodbye Andy, Toy Story 3, 2010, Digital painting ©Disney/Pixar

PIXAR: 30 Years of Animation

Mar.5 (Sat) - May 29 (Sun) 2016
Exhibition Gallery 1F / 3F
Closed: Mondays (except for 3.21, 5.2, 5.23), 3.22.2016

Pixar Animation Studios has established a reputation for captivating storytelling and outstanding computer graphics technology through such movies as "Toy Story", "Monsters, Inc." and "Finding Nemo". The process of creating a computer animation starts with story, and a hand-drawn sketch to which is added a particular worldview and character. The exhibition will introduce 30 years of Pixar's creativity through numerous sketches, paintings, storyboards, maquettes, etc., including those from its latest works.

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MOT Collection
Collection Ongoing

Mar. 5(Sat) -May 29(Sun)2016
Closed: Mondays (except for 3.21, 5.2, 5.23), 3.22.2016
Collection Gallery

The second to fourth periods will present 'Collection Ongoing', centered around the museum's representative postwar works, but with the addition of numerous small themes, offering interpretations of the various trends of the period from a variety of angles.

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