MOT Educational Programs

MOT is offering many programs for children and adults.
*All programs are offered only in Japanese.

School Program  
===inactive during the museum's temporary closing period===

museum-school.jpgThe MOT School Program is intended for educational institutions, from elementary schools to high schools, which are willing to visit MOT as part of their art class or an integrated study class:The Program includes Museum School, where students enjoy interesting lectures about the MOT permanent collection. The loan of educational materials, such as videos, DVDs and slides, and a program of artist visits at schools are also available.

Gallery Talk by Guide Staff
===inactive during the museum's temporary closing period===

gallery-talk.jpgFree tours of the MOT permanent collection are provided by our guide staff. Your guide will give a clear and detailed explanation.
Note: Offered only in Japanese. Rendezvous at the Permanent Collection Gallery entrance.
Please buy a ticket for either the temporary or permanent exhibition.
Tours everyday from 2:00 pm. Take 1 hour


workshop.jpgOur workshops offer good opportunities to engage in creative activities.

MOT Art Lecture

courses.jpgThe MOT Art Lecture series is offered to adults eager to learn more about contemporary art. Get some tips from our invited lecturers on how to enjoy contemporary art.

Gallery Cruise

gallery-cruise.jpgGuided tours for children and parents. Explore the exhibition rooms in a small group, accompanied by a guide (MOT staff), for an enjoyable experience of art using various explanatory tools.

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